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November 17, 2018

I am going to do a grateful list today.

  • First, we had some trouble with this. I could do some reading, but that was about it. I couldn’t communicate, and that is kind of the point of having this communication device. It went down in the evening, and with the Lord’s help, [I’m giving Him the credit, I know little about fixing computers] I was able to get it working the next morning. I was so glad, because this is how I do everything.
  • The second thing I’m grateful for is my family. We have a big family, and I love that everyone gets along well, and that we keep up with each other. And I know that any of them would do anything I needed them to do for me.
  • I’m also grateful for my church. Church is where most of my friends are. I’m grateful to be getting into a group that I enjoy more and more.
  • And I’m grateful that I got to go to camp again, and for the friendships I am making there.


November 10, 2018

I have a friend named Terry who has a birthday later this month. I’m writing this now because I know things are going to get crazy later this month with Thanksgiving and things like that.

Terry and I met through a mutual friend. She has a disabled son, I think that’s why this friend thought Terry and I would get along well together. Terry and I used to do something most Sundays afternoons after church. We would go out to eat most weeks. Most of the time I would get to pick the restaurant. And then I’d go to her house where we would watch Hallmark movies, unless we were in the middle of a British drama. Terry and I also both love the holiday season, and yes, we love those Hallmark holiday movies.

Terry moved last year so that she could help her in laws who are quite old. She’ll come back whenever she can, and we try to get together. I do miss having her around more though.