My faves

Today I want to talk about some of my favorite people, my nieces and nephews.

  • The first one is my niece Kailey. She is the one who made me an aunt in the first place. And there is something special about that. Kailey is thirteen, and likes to hang out with us adults as much as she can. She likes doing makeup and being on her phone. I may be prejudiced, but I think Kailey is someone most anyone just likes being around.
  • Her brother is Jedd, and he’s eleven. He’s kind and considerate. He’s willing to help me get from place to another in my wheelchair. Jedd enjoys cooking. He also likes playing on his phone and video games.
  • Mckenzie is next, she’s eleven too.. One of the things I’m enjoying is seeing Mckenzie and Kailey growing close. They seem to talk on the phone a lot.. Mckenzie likes to cook, she likes being a help.
  • Hunter is seven. He and his Mom live near Kailey and Jedd. So the three of them do a lot together. Hunter can be silly, but he can also be serious.
  • Madison is seven. I think she’s learning to enjoy reading. She’s always been very sweet to me. Madison is Mckenzie’s little sister.
  • Their baby brother is Elijah. He is about to be two. He’s a happy little guy.
  • Elliot is going to turn three this summer. He loves the “Toy Story” movies. He’s learning colors and colors and things like that.
  • His brother is Asa, and Asa will be two. He follows big brother around.

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