Servant evangelism

In my class, we have been discussing ways we can intentionally share the gospel. And that has gotten me thinking about some different things we used to do as a church.

When we were first starting going to the church I am part of now, once a month we would go do a service project. I know we gave out pizza and stamps at the post office on April fifteenth. I think we would go to the park and hand out waters. We would go to a laundromat and give the people the money they needed to do their washing. At Christmas we would go to a store and wrap gifts.

Now we were not trying to get people to come to our church. We were just showing the love of the Lord. Those were random things we did.

We also put a skate park near our building and had a lot of young people come. I remember sometimes Mom would make pizza and take it out to the park. That was fun.

Now this one was not something I did personally. It was way too late. But a lot of my young adult friends helped put on breakfasts for people who were coming out of bars. They would make huge breakfasts around midnight and then sit and talk to whoever came in.

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