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April 19, 2019

I’m not sure if I am going to do this next week. We are have several things coming up, starting next weekend. And I’m looking forward to all the time with family and friends coming up. I’m not sure how much I am going to do this over the next several weeks.

But since this Sunday is the celebration of the Resurrection, let’s look at some memories I have of that time. For those that don’t know, when I was young, we used to move around every five years or so. I was about four when we moved to a beautiful town in the mountains. And when we moved away from there five years later, I remember returning to this town several years for this weekend of celebration.

Sometimes we would gather with Christian friends to celebrate the Passover meal together Thursday evening. I know sometimes we were just learning about the celebration. But sometimes we actually did the whole meal together, and I loved those dinners together. I don’t remember going to any Good Friday services growing up. Though that is something we do at the church I am part of now.

But Sunday mornings, having sunrise services on that cold mountain top, who could forget? We would get up while it was still dark, and we would again meet with other Christians to celebrate that indeed Christ is risen from the dead. We would go to church and keep celebrating. And then the afternoons were huge dinners with friends.

Grateful again

April 12, 2019

I’ve been thinking about some different things I am grateful for lately, and I’ve decided to share those today.

  • First of all, I am extremely thankful for this communication device.I know I’m always saying that, but if it wasn’t for this I would not be able to do much of anything. When something goes wrong with it, there is not a lot I can do.
  • I’m grateful for the internet. Again that has opened up a world for me. It allows me to keep in touch with so many friends. It also allows me to work and take my class.
  • I’m grateful to live in the time that we do. I love being able to relax and watch a movie after working all day. I love being able to travel pretty much anywhere we want to go. I must confess that while I do love going outside for walks and things like that, I think I rather be inside. I like being comfortable.
  • I love that we get to be around my siblings and their families fairly often. It is typical for me to say good-bye to someone and know when our next gathering will be.
  • I love being part of the small group at church that I am. I have been with them about a year now, and I love this group of ladies.

April 6, 2019

And now I am going to do something a little different. To be honest, I read a lot of Christian fiction, and not much else.. And I must confess that I had a specific reason for reading this book, the author is my cousin. So I’ve been following what has been going on with this book since before it came out. I loved hearing more of the story of this man’s life. We get to go be with this man and all our family once a year, so reading this book gave me a better idea of their day to day lives.

In this book, he’s discussing habits that we should have as Christians. He is discussing things like praying and reading the bible before we start our busy to do lists, making time to build good friendships, and making ourselves take a sabbath. I love how personal he gets with his own rather being very careful to respect other people’s privacy

The book is called “The Common Rule”, and I highly recommend it.