Grateful again

I’ve been thinking about some different things I am grateful for lately, and I’ve decided to share those today.

  • First of all, I am extremely thankful for this communication device.I know I’m always saying that, but if it wasn’t for this I would not be able to do much of anything. When something goes wrong with it, there is not a lot I can do.
  • I’m grateful for the internet. Again that has opened up a world for me. It allows me to keep in touch with so many friends. It also allows me to work and take my class.
  • I’m grateful to live in the time that we do. I love being able to relax and watch a movie after working all day. I love being able to travel pretty much anywhere we want to go. I must confess that while I do love going outside for walks and things like that, I think I rather be inside. I like being comfortable.
  • I love that we get to be around my siblings and their families fairly often. It is typical for me to say good-bye to someone and know when our next gathering will be.
  • I love being part of the small group at church that I am. I have been with them about a year now, and I love this group of ladies.

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