Grateful to the Lord

I’m always do grateful list, and always feel like I end up saying the same things. Today I think I am going to do something a little different, and talk about some things that I am grateful that the Lord has done.

  • First, I am grateful that Jesus came and died for us. God could have given up on us after the fall. And after all He did for the Israelites, all they seemed to do was listened to do was complain, follow after other gods, and not listen to His voice. I think I would have given up on them. But God had always made a promise, and kept it. I
  • am also grateful that the Lord has given us His word. I read my bible every morning because I want to know what He says. Reading this book gives us strength and encouragement no matter what we are going through. I am also glad that He has used all kinds of stories to help us. Stories seem to be the easiest things for me to remember.
  • Not only has He given us His word, He has allowed us to know some of the stories of great heroes of the faith. I’m thinking of people like the Ten Booms, Hudson Taylor, who was a great missionary in China, and George Mueller, who ran orphanages on faith and prayer.


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