Joseph #1

I think everyone knows how much I love my family. Growing up in a large family is one of my greatest blessings. But for someone I admire, having a big family wasn’t always a blessing. I’m talking about Joseph in the bible.

I don’t think we have any real idea of what it was like to have a family where a man had multiple wives. I know that divorce is all too common these days, and that’s really sad. But we don’t know what it would be like to have multiple wives vying for the affections of their one husband.

They had servants, but did Rachel and Leah themselves work, I wonder? Did Rachel help Jacob in the fields? The bible says that she helped with the sheep before her marriage, but what about after?

Joseph came to his parents after a long time of waiting for God to give them a child together. Was he told the story of his grandfather Isaac? When did his brothers start hating him? Did his father give him special favors before the colored coat? I think we are going to stop here and get back to this next week.

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