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Thoughts on camp

July 27, 2019

Ending a series is hard. I don’t know what to do now. I know my family is going to do some fun things in August, and I’m looking forward to that sure. I really do feel the need to take a break from

I didn’t go to camp this summer. The camp is for families of disabled people to come together and relax and have fun. I think having my family there would be a huge distraction for me. I love spending time with my siblings. I feel like I would really be torn between my family and getting to know everyone at camp.

I have a friend who does my care, she’s done several years at camp. But this year she had to be in school, so she couldn’t be at camp.. For me, camp is a time to have some serious fun, to laugh until it hurts, to get to know others walking the path of disability, and to enjoy some time away from my family, to be more of an adult. It’s also a time to listen to others talk about their needs. I hope to be back at camp next summer, but we’ll see what happens.


Joseph #4

July 17, 2019

Joseph knew his brothers, but they did not recognize him. The bible does not say exactly how much time had passed, Joseph had gone from a boy of seventeen to a man. Besides, even though the brothers knew that Joseph had been sold to go to Egypt, they would have had no idea that he was now second in charge. They would never think that a slave could do that.

So surely they had no idea why he was giving them such a hard time to buy the food that they so desperately needed. This man called them spies. Is that how he started out treating everyone who came to him for food? Did he have everyone go to jail for a time? Did they ever think that this might have anything with what they had done so long ago? Joseph said he would send one was man back to their father, but then Joseph decided to have just one man stay and let everyone go else go home.

Poor Simeon. Jacob hadn’t allowed Benjamin to go with them the first time the brothers had gone down to Egypt. And he was not happy that this ruler of Egypt now knew of his youngest son, and had now made seeing the youngest son one of the requirements for getting more grain.. But troubles have ways of making us do things we don’t want to do.

This famine would not let up, and there was nowhere else to get food. So Jacob sent the boy with his brothers to get more food. Little did they know what they would find once they got there. They were welcomed with a meal and everyone was seated according to his according to their age.

But when they went to leave the morning after the feast, Joseph’s cup was found in their bags, actually it was found in Benjamin’s bag. The brothers did not like this at all. If they didn’t bring Benjamin home, that could well be the end of their father. They went back to Joseph’s house. And this is when they heard the news, brothers, I am Joseph even then Joseph told them not to be angry with themselves, for God had sent him to Egypt to preserve life.

How did they tell their old father that no, his beloved son Joseph was not dead, but in fact he was now ruler of all Egypt. Somehow they did tell him without killing him with the shock of it all, and they all went down to live in Egypt.

Joseph #3

July 12, 2019

Last week, we left Joseph in a bad place. His owner’s wife wanted to to sleep with him. One day she caught him alone in the house. She asked him to her bed Once more. He ran away from her, but she caught hold of clothes, and when her husband got home, she lied and said Joseph had tried to rape her.

For that, Joseph was sent to prison, although he didn’t do anything wrong. The prison guard found out what his other master had, that with Joseph in charge, he had nothing to worry about. This was because the Lord was always with the young man

Some men that worked in pharaoh’s palace came into the prison where Joseph worked, and both of these men had dreams, and Joseph was able to tell them what they meant.ut the one who had been restored to his place forgot about Joseph. However, the Lord did not forget the young man

The bible says that two full years later, Pharaoh had a couple of dreams. Through those dreams, the Lord let Joseph know that famine would follow a time of plenty, and because Joseph told them what these dreams meant, Joseph went from prison to second in command.

Did the young man remember his own dreams from long ago during this time, I wonder This famine was not only in Egypt where Joseph was, his father and brothers were in the famine too And that is where this story takes another turn.

Joseph #2

July 5, 2019

Joseph was born to Jacob and Rachel when Jacob was an older man. Rachel was the wife he had loved and worked so long to get. And since his other sons had grown up and were working the sheep, their father had more time to train this son he loved so much. It was clear that Jacob thought Joseph was to be the one that would take over the tribe.

But God kind of had a bigger plan. And He let Joseph know through some dreams he had. I’ve heard people say that Joseph should not have shared his dreams with anyone. But I wonder if Jacob remembered Joseph’s dreams after his boy supposedly died. I wonder if those dreams gave Jacob any kind of hope? And the brothers? Those dreams just made them angrier. Their father was already going to make their youngest brother their leader, wasn’t that enough for this boy?

And then came the day when their father sent Joseph to make sure the brothers were behaving. That must have driven them crazy. They couldn’t let this mess continue, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. They threw them into a dry well, and were thinking of murdering him. But then some Ishmaelites came along, and the brothers decided to make some money rather than having blood on their hands.

Once Joseph was in Egypt, things seemed to go well For Joseph. His master seemed to be kind, or to do right by him at least. And then the mistress of the house started causing problems, wanting to sleep with Joseph. Joseph was now basically in charge of the whole house. Would it be right to do something like this to his master?