Joseph #2

Joseph was born to Jacob and Rachel when Jacob was an older man. Rachel was the wife he had loved and worked so long to get. And since his other sons had grown up and were working the sheep, their father had more time to train this son he loved so much. It was clear that Jacob thought Joseph was to be the one that would take over the tribe.

But God kind of had a bigger plan. And He let Joseph know through some dreams he had. I’ve heard people say that Joseph should not have shared his dreams with anyone. But I wonder if Jacob remembered Joseph’s dreams after his boy supposedly died. I wonder if those dreams gave Jacob any kind of hope? And the brothers? Those dreams just made them angrier. Their father was already going to make their youngest brother their leader, wasn’t that enough for this boy?

And then came the day when their father sent Joseph to make sure the brothers were behaving. That must have driven them crazy. They couldn’t let this mess continue, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. They threw them into a dry well, and were thinking of murdering him. But then some Ishmaelites came along, and the brothers decided to make some money rather than having blood on their hands.

Once Joseph was in Egypt, things seemed to go well For Joseph. His master seemed to be kind, or to do right by him at least. And then the mistress of the house started causing problems, wanting to sleep with Joseph. Joseph was now basically in charge of the whole house. Would it be right to do something like this to his master?

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