Joseph #3

Last week, we left Joseph in a bad place. His owner’s wife wanted to to sleep with him. One day she caught him alone in the house. She asked him to her bed Once more. He ran away from her, but she caught hold of clothes, and when her husband got home, she lied and said Joseph had tried to rape her.

For that, Joseph was sent to prison, although he didn’t do anything wrong. The prison guard found out what his other master had, that with Joseph in charge, he had nothing to worry about. This was because the Lord was always with the young man

Some men that worked in pharaoh’s palace came into the prison where Joseph worked, and both of these men had dreams, and Joseph was able to tell them what they meant.ut the one who had been restored to his place forgot about Joseph. However, the Lord did not forget the young man

The bible says that two full years later, Pharaoh had a couple of dreams. Through those dreams, the Lord let Joseph know that famine would follow a time of plenty, and because Joseph told them what these dreams meant, Joseph went from prison to second in command.

Did the young man remember his own dreams from long ago during this time, I wonder This famine was not only in Egypt where Joseph was, his father and brothers were in the famine too And that is where this story takes another turn.

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