Thoughts on camp

Ending a series is hard. I don’t know what to do now. I know my family is going to do some fun things in August, and I’m looking forward to that sure. I really do feel the need to take a break from

I didn’t go to camp this summer. The camp is for families of disabled people to come together and relax and have fun. I think having my family there would be a huge distraction for me. I love spending time with my siblings. I feel like I would really be torn between my family and getting to know everyone at camp.

I have a friend who does my care, she’s done several years at camp. But this year she had to be in school, so she couldn’t be at camp.. For me, camp is a time to have some serious fun, to laugh until it hurts, to get to know others walking the path of disability, and to enjoy some time away from my family, to be more of an adult. It’s also a time to listen to others talk about their needs. I hope to be back at camp next summer, but we’ll see what happens.


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