Kendrick brother movies

One of the things I love to do in the evenings when I’m too tired to work anymore is to watch movies. I am particular about what I watch. I like watching clean movies. It makes me uncomfortable to watch movies where the people are cursing or in inappropriate relationships. I love that they are coming out with more and more Christian movies.

And being from Georgia, I’ve followed the Kendrick brothers pretty closely. I watched Flywheel in the theater. I’m pretty sure that was during the time that I could get into the movies without paying. I’ve got to tell you, that truly spoiled me. I can’t remember the last time I went to a movie theater.

Okay, I know that Flywheel was not a high quality production. I thought they did a lot better with Facing the Giants. I enjoyed that movie, even if it was about football. It was about triumphing even when a lot of things look bad.

We have Fireproof. That is a movie that teaches how important marriage is, and how important it is to stay together even when everything looks bad.

Courageous was the movie about the family who lost their daughter. Friends rallied around that family. And together they learn how important it is for men to lead their families.

Mom’s Night Out is their lighter, funnier movie. It’s about a mother who loves her family, loves being a Mom, but really wants an evening with friends.

War Room is the movie that teaches us how important it is to pray. Again we see how the Lord puts back a struggling marriage.

Their new movie comes to theaters in theaters this September. It is called, Like Arrows. And it is going to be about how important family is.

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