We went out to see my brother, his wife, and their two little guys. We left on Sunday and went to visit some friends who were in Tennessee. They live on a farm and have horses and donkeys and other animals. We just spent time with them.

Monday was a long day of travel.. Tuesday we were just with my sister in law and the little guys. My sister in law is expecting again, so that’s fun. They have a little farm, their chickens are just starting to lay, they have horses. My brother is working and was going to school. We were there to celebrate his graduation. Tuesday was also the day Dad flew in. I made it a point not to work while we were down there, but I still needed to do my are classes. My brother and his wife took Dad to a baseball game Wednesday night, and that was when I listened to class.

Friday was the actual graduation ceremony. I have a brother who lives in Colorado, and he came to see us. We went to dinner with some of my sister in law’s family. Graduation was not bad at all. It was mercifully short. Saturday evening was the party. My brother’s in law’s gave it, and it was fun. Saturday night was the time I felt like I got to talk to people. Sunday we went to church, and then watched movies. Monday we were around their house visiting. And Tuesday was the day we drove back, stopping at our friend’s house again.

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