I am going to share some memories from the time when we lived in Franklin, North Carolina. It is an absolutely beautiful place in the mountains .

When I was a little girl, like six and seven, I used to take piano from our neighbor who lived next door. she and her husband were newly married. They had built their house, if I’m remembering right he did a lot of the work himself. I think I went on Saturday mornings. I was learning about piano theory. I wasn’t trying to pluck out notes with my pointer. We’d write songs together. I remember doing some lyrics as well as the music. I remember writing a song for a good friend in school. I remember writing another song for when a friend was getting married. I think I would do an hour lesson, but we would take a break, and I would eat a snack.

My parents have always tried to make time to spend just the two of them, so before my other brothers and sisters were old enough to babysit, other people used to to stay with us. My favorite people to stay with were a couple that were good friends of the whole family. They were a really fun couple. They would play games and tell funny stories. She is a fantastic cook, and fed me well. I love spending time with them to this day.

I also remember going to other friends late in the evening. My parents were playing cards. Sometimes we children would be put straight to bed. We wouldn’t really sleep, we’d talk and giggle. Sometimes we got to stay up and play with our other friends. Sometimes we’d spend the night with friends after those evenings. It’s fun to remember.

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