Favorite books

Because of my disability, I spent a lot more time in the house than my siblings, and I have done a lot of reading. When asked what my favorite book is, I usually have a hard time deciding on just it one book. Let me tell you about a few of my favorites.

I don’t remember how old I was when I first read Little Women. But I’ve always loved that book. I’m pretty sure Jo was my favorite because she was the one that wanted to write. My Grandpa was the one that first took me to see the movie. We own the video of that movie, and I love it to this day.

And oh, there is Anne of Green Gables and that whole series. To this day, I’m not sure I’ve read all of the books. I have seen the first two movies countless times. There is a third movie that I’ve watched several times, but don’t love it..

I think I got a couple of series about World War II when I graduated high school. I gobbled them up, would read any time anyone would turn pages for me. I’ve always been fascinated with that time. I think part of that was my love for Corrie Ten Boom.

I was in my early twenties when I took a writing class with the homeschool group my siblings were part of. My teacher recommended some books about ancient Rome. Again I gobbled those books up.

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