I’ve been thinking about the life of Peter a lot. My group that meets on Sunday morning is studying his early life. And before that, I happened to read a novel about Peter’s life and how He met Jesus.

I often think we kind of cheat, well, cheat is not exactly the word I want because we don’t have a choice. But maybe the better way to say it is that we have an unfair advantage because we know the story. We like know that Jesus is the Son of the Living God, the Christ. They didn’t know He was, especially in the early days. Sure, they had their Torah, and there was a lot written about this Messiah in the Torah. And Jesus surrounded Himself with fishermen like Peter. I’ve heard that every Jewish boy memorized at least the first five books of the bible. Did that include people like Peter? I don’t know.

Peter and his friends watched Jesus do miracles. They listened to His teaching. I guess that they spent time among themselves discussing Jesus and who He was.

And then He died. Jesus should not have died, should He? He was here to save them from the awful oppressoion of the Romans, right? That was the biggest need they had. But then all of their hopes died when He hung on that cross. He died. What on earth could He do now? Did anyone remember Lazarus during those the darkest days of their lives? But then He did come back to life. And these disciples went on to do great things themselves.

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