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February 20, 2020

In a few weeks, our family will welcome a new little one into our family. My youngest brother and his wife already have two boys. One is three and a half, and the other is two.

The older boy loves rodeoes and anything to do with that. Their family lives in Texas, and they have friends in the rodeo business. I think that is where this interest got started. I think Daddy is starting to introduce him to baseball. I think his younger brother mostly follows him around and does whatever big brother does.

Their parents have a little farm. I think they have chickens and a couple of horses. I know they used to have goats, but I think they have gotten rid of them.

These little guys are getting to have a little sister. I think of these crazy little guys with a tiny baby, and I just laugh. They are going to have to adjust for sure. I’m sure their parents and others around will teach them how to behave with their sister. I think, I hope, family is going to be part of our family gathering this spring. I can hardly wait to meet her.

February 14, 2020

I’m remembering some different neighbors who we had and did things with through the years. I remember a girl named Sylvia, and I think her mother’s name was Robin. I think Sylvia came to play at our house more than we went to play at her house. Getting to go over there was special and fun. A lot of that was because the sister next to me and I were with her by ourselves, without our parents, or the younger children. It’s hard to remember that at that time there were only two or maybe three younger kids. I know my sister and I stayed the night at Sylvia’s a couple of different times. I think that’s where we first saw “Parent Trap”.

There was also a college girl who lived up the street, how we three younger girls admired her. I do not even remember her name anymore. But she had a trampoline. We used to love to go up to her house. I don’t think we would have to have her with us in order to jump. But oh we loved it when she would come play with us. She would tell us stories of college life and all kinds of interesting things.

February 7, 2020

This week I think we are going to talk about what it was like to be home schooled. I know some people wonder what it’s like to be home schooled. So here goes.

I remember we had what we called bible time, and our bible times is when everyone used to gather to study the scriptures together. We’d usually be memorizing some portion of the scriptures. I think we’d also be reading bible stories. I know sometimes we’d read from these books, and we’d have guess which bible character they were telling about. That was fun. I think bible time happened whenever it worked best. Sometimes it would be right after breakfast, sometimes it would be right before lunch.

Another thing I remember us doing pretty regularly in the earlier years was to have quiet times. These would happen after lunch. A lot of times we oldest girls would have some homework to finish up. But after that, most the time we would read, and my sister would turn pages. I think quiet times fell off as we got older, and fewer of the younger kids didn’t need naps. We started more of with friends in the afternoons