In a few weeks, our family will welcome a new little one into our family. My youngest brother and his wife already have two boys. One is three and a half, and the other is two.

The older boy loves rodeoes and anything to do with that. Their family lives in Texas, and they have friends in the rodeo business. I think that is where this interest got started. I think Daddy is starting to introduce him to baseball. I think his younger brother mostly follows him around and does whatever big brother does.

Their parents have a little farm. I think they have chickens and a couple of horses. I know they used to have goats, but I think they have gotten rid of them.

These little guys are getting to have a little sister. I think of these crazy little guys with a tiny baby, and I just laugh. They are going to have to adjust for sure. I’m sure their parents and others around will teach them how to behave with their sister. I think, I hope, family is going to be part of our family gathering this spring. I can hardly wait to meet her.

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