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Job possibilities, maybe?

April 4, 2012

Wednesdays are usually pretty crazy. I have a prayer meeting I usually go to on Wednesday morning. So I usually have very little time to work on Wednesday mornings. Today I glanced through business e-mail before leaving. I’ve gotten a couple different things about the travel agent prospect. I think that this is something I should pursue. There are just details to figure out. I was also invited to bid on an editing job. It looks like it could be an on going job.. I went on and bid on it and will just see what happens. I might be able to do both somehow. I don’t know. Please pray about all this. Figuring things out sooner rather than later would be so nice.

Now, on to the book… Alcorn writes, “Scripture doesn’t minimize suffering or gloss over it”. I’m studying the Book of Job as part of my quiet time each morning. Job suffered. It’s very obvious that he did. We know the end of the story. We know that Job’s later life exceeded everything he had before the troubles started.

Or think about what we’re about to celebrate this weekend. Although Jesus had told them He would rise again, they didn’t understand that that’s literally what He meant. So when Jesus died, of course they figured everything was over. What person in their natural mind wouldn’t..

We do not see or know the end of our story. That’s a very good thing for me to keep in mind lately.

Before we leave

March 28, 2012

I figure that I might as well do this before we leave. I still have no idea how things are going to turn out on this trip. I haven’t heard whether or not we are taking my computer, and if we do take it I’m not sure how much internet access I will have. Anyway, I might as well work a little on this book, er pamphlet, since I’ve done everything I need to do this morning anyway.

The first real chapter of the pamphlet begins by talking about evil. Alcorn writes “We all know something is wrong whenever we’re hurting”. our suffering reminds us that this world is not a perfect place. Evil elevates someone or something against God. That’s what happened in the garden and got us into trouble in the first place, isn’t it.. Hmm, so is it wrong to want more of a life where I make more of my own decisions. I don’t know! I wish I did.

Alcorn writes, and I’ll paraphrase here, wrongdoing is a primary evil and suffering is a secondary evil.. I know, personally that I’m more okay with suffering than doing something wrong. I feel awful when I do wrong things. I know better, but for some reason I choose to do wrong, and that makes me feel worse about everything.

I am going to go on and go.. If I don’t write before, I will try my best to write on Monday.

Making myself do this

March 27, 2012

I have started reading a novel that I’m dying to know how it ends! But I’ve been good, allowing myself only a little time to read as I’ve worked today… I am researching more on becoming a travel agent, and think I may have found the place I want to work through. Now to figure out how to pay for the classes and start up fees..

On to the book, Alcorn begins talking about how he finds the scriptures a real source of hope. I find solace in the scripture as well… I know heaven is an absolutely wonderful place where everything wrong will be made right. My question is, the thing I’m dying to know is, will things ever really change for me in this life? Is that a wrong question? Is it wrong to want more here and now? I’m not sure of the answers to these questions.

Alcorn insists that scripture  is doing when we go through difficult times. And unlike friends’ advice or anything else we hear, scripture is absolutely true and must be taken to heart. I totally agree with that. Believing in scripture, having that as our foundation is what gets us through the most difficult times.

It is still yet to be determined whether I am taking my computer or not. So I am not sure whether I am going to be able to post anymore this week. We shall see..

To do this or not?

March 22, 2012

I did not really do anything this morning, just read over some old stuff I had written, old starts of novels.. I did manage to do some things this afternoon, so I feel better. One day soon, I hope to have a real, paying job, and I will have to make myself work even when I don’t feel like it. I think I may have been too frustrated about not knowing about job stuff to write.

I have my group tonight, really looking forward to that. So that’s why I was debating about posting anything today. But I think that I do have time, and I think this weekend is going to be busy. So here goes.

Alcorn goes on to remind us of when God says to Moses, “I have seen the misery of My people,. .. And I am concerned about their suffering.” I like that. I like knowing and being reminded of the fact that God does see everything going on. Surely He sees all the pain we go through, all the heartaches and disappointments.

I haven’t finished the introduction. But need to go for now…

Starting an experiment

March 21, 2012

Thanks to a generous friend, I just purchased the book I want to blog about. Not only that, but I also was able to preorder a novel I really want to read. It’s the last in the series.. I’m hoping that the main character comes back to her senses and gets back to her first love. But anyway, enough about the novel.

The nonfiction book I’ve been drawn to and want to blog about is “If God is Good, why do we suffer?” by Randy Alcorn. I’m disabled, and being disabled is not fun… Oh, there are perks like parking permits, Medicaid, and more importantly being interesting to interesting to kids who want to know how that computer thing works. But I hate having as much trouble as I do finding work. I hate being almost thirty six (April 9th), and still being treated like a child. I often feel like my life is going nowhere, that I just exist day to day, having little choice over anything that happens. And it’s really hard!

I’ve prayed for years to be made well. Others have and continue to pray for my healing. But nothing happens! Am I doing something wrong? I try my best to be right before God, though I know that I’m not perfect by any means. Do I not have enough faith?

I have decided to start with the pamphlet of the book and see how that goes. I know myself, sometimes I have this brilliant idea, but I end up not following through well at all. So blogging through this pamphlet will help me figure how to do this.

And of course, my hope is that we will have interruptions to this, as I figure out a job and everything else.

Now to the book.. I’m just reading the preface to the pamphlet. It says that everyone goes through pain. It may be physical, emotional, or even spiritual. I know I have personally experienced all three at some point in my life. It appears that Randy himself is disabled.. The pamphlet is going to discuss some of the major themes of the book..

Like I said, this is an experiment and we will see how it goes.