Weekend poem

May 13, 2017

Saturdays are my days to make sure everything is finished up for the week

Make sure blog is done, e-mail is finished,

Saturday is the day I make myself does personal e-mail

And Saturday nights, sometimes we play games, or watch movies

Sometimes we go out

Sunday is my day of rest

I love going to church and being part of the worship service

I love getting to spend time with friends.

The best Sundays are the ones  when we do things with friends

I often go home with friends after church

Sometimes we take trips on Sundays

Sundays are also great days to relax in front of good movies


Poetry? Me?

April 29, 2017

Can I do this?

Never considered myself good at this kind of thing.

But last week I went to a poetry reading, enjoying it more than I thought I might.

Her words were about real life, not hard to understand.

Symbolism makes more sense to me in  allegory than in poetry.

And now I’m finding myself enjoying writing this more than I might.

Didn’t want to do some same old post.

This week is revival at church.

I think my week is going to be with meetings..

Just show up, God.

Come and show off if You want.

Thank You

Three things

April 22, 2017

This morning I felt like I got nowhere on anything I wanted to do today. Thankfully, coming back this afternoon, I was able to get through the business stuff I wanted to do in a couple of hours. I’m feeling better just knowing that I did get through my stuff.

  • I’m always getting e-mails about online trainings I can attend. I’m pretty careful about which ones I listen in on. And some I start and then decide that it is not something that will help my business. But yesterday I listened to something I think might really help me. The training was talking about how different businesses can help one another grow. I’ve started working through some things and really plan to do more of in the coming weeks.
  • I’m doing a lot in the business these days.. But I am getting some writing done when I need to take breaks from work, or when I’m not able to get online. I’m now working on revising one of my novels.
  • I haven’t found anything yet , but I’ve been looking into online writing classes. I want to start out with something free. I’ve been sending out some articles to different blogs.. Hopefully I am going to get better as I get more practice. But taking some classes might not be a bad idea.

I’m surprised at how quickly I got that done.

Some Easter thoughts

April 15, 2017

My family has always been a fan of radio dramas. We grew up on Adventures in Odyssey. In that show, there was something called the imagination station, where characters could go back and witness different event throughout history.

I think if if I could go back and experience one event, it would be this weekend.. I know it would be horribly sad, but…

We know the end of this story, but the disciples didn’t. Sure, they had been there when Jesus raised Lazarus. But that was different. Jesus was the Miracle Worker, but the people had kill the wonderful Man.

They had given their lives to following this wonderful Man. But now He was gone, He was dead. No one could do anything about that, right? What were they going to do? What were they supposed to do?

I think knowing the end of the story has made… Wanted to say that it had lost some of it’s power. Thankfully, the cross has not lost its power. But can you imagine someone you dearly loved coming back fromthe dead? What incredible joy they must have felt..

Saturday thoughts

April 1, 2017

My family has had some busier weekends lately. We’ve had several things going on between family and some dear friends. I was actually supposed to be gone this weekend. My sisters and I were planning a girls’ weekend. But we were going to do this in Atlanta.. Well, they had this fire which burned a bridge which has caused even worse traffic than usual.. And as it turns out, it is not turning out to be a great weekend to do a fun trip for my sister in in college. She has a lot of studying to do and things like that.

was looking forward to the weekend with my sisters for sure. We started this last year. It’s kind of my birthday celebration with my sisters I get to decide what we have to eat and also decide what we’ll watch.. But of course, we’ll talk too.. This has been postponed, not cancelled.

And so, to be honest, I’m kind of glad. It would have been a quick trip with all my sister needs to do for school. We’ve been traveling a lot, and will be gone again next weekend, and a weekend where I’m not in the car for hours on end is nice.

I’ve been hanging out on my computer today. I have gotten through my work stuff, though I have been reading a good bit too. Tomorrow I’ll be with my friends I do things with a lot of Sundays.


March 4, 2017

Everyone here knows that I’m a big proponent of the traditional family.. I have always loved being part of a big family. I think life is a lot more exciting that way.. I still have times when the house just feels too quiet, especially after everyone has just left after the holidays.

I know not everyone has the kind of family I do. Some families are messed up… Well, all families are messed up to extent. But I still believe that families should be the the way God designed them.

And yet.. Family is not just determined by blood.. Our family has taken in a lot of other people some don’t have families. Others have great families. but somehow God knits our hearts together.. We may not see them often. But when we do, it feels like home. It feels like family.

The story of my trip

February 24, 2017

rWe’ve been home for a week now. I’ve kind of worked on this here and there, between catching up on my work, recovering from the jetlag and things like that. But anyway, we left on a Friday evening, and our flight was delayed. I’m not the most fond of those long flights. That first stretch was ten hours. Remember that we got our breakfast shortly before landing, and then we got to the next airport as the sun was setting. I had never been out of the country before, and that was just a really weird feeling, to lose time like that. Got on the next plane and ate dinner.. That night we met with some of the people we were meeting with. Sunday we were meeting the other people that were going to meet with, and were getting familiar with the area. Looking at the grocery store and things like that..

Monday during the day was a lot like Sunday. we gathered at the restaurant where we would eat each night night, and ate. And then went to the hotel conference room to meet. Tuesday we started meeting after having our big breakfast. We’d meet in the morning. Breakfast they would have eggs, bread and jams, sausages, I’d always eat yogurt and something that was kind of a mix between granola and raisin bran. Break for lunch. The hotel had a buffet for lunch too. But Mom and I would just eat something in the room. We had a big breakfast and big dinners, we didn’t want anything big at lunch. Mom and I would eat our little lunch, I would rest a little and then we’d go down. The hotel people liked to make sure I got walks each afternoon. It was funny but I was more comfortable when someone I knew came. We would have afternoon meetings.. We had some issues with some of the plugs not working right. The best plug we had was in our room. Because of the charging troubles I was leaving this and felt like I wasn’t getting to know anyone. And the people I did know were the ones putting this thing on. They were busy. We’d have another break before dinner. I’d rest. Sometimes we’d walk. Dinners were fun but kind of chaotic. We’d have our evening meeting. And then I went to bed. Wednesday was a lot like Tuesday, a lot of meetings and all that. Wednesday evening I did get sometime to visit with some of the friends I went to see and enjoyed that…

Thursday was the day.. See, the conference leader would have different people introduce themselves as our meetings started. Thursday was my day to be introduced… Let me say here that I didn’t know what my second week would look like. Mom had been vague. Turns out they had a surprise for me. I was going to Israel, to Jerusalem. There is a woman in Cyprus that had lived in Jerusalem for years. She was going to be our guide. She also knew a woman that welcomed us into her home. but I’m getting ahead of myself. Thursday was the day people started talking to me more. Before this I think most people thought I was just there because I had to be with Mom. Thursday was more meetings and more walks. Friday was the last meeting in the morning. I spent most the rest of the day with friends, both old and new.? Friday night a much smaller group of us went back to the restaurant.. Saturday was a day of saying good-byes and just being quiet. Taking more walks.

Sunday we had the last hotel breakfast and then a group took us to the airport. The flight was pretty fast. Our guide knows a taxi driver who met us in Tel Aviv onto Jerusalem. It was so nice coming into a home after being in a hotel.. We got our stuff into our places and then went to a church meeting.. The songs were half in English and half in Hebrew. Thought it was neat.. After the meeting, our guide took us up to a place where we could see a lot of the city. We saw a lot of the places seen on tv.. After that we went and had a nice dinner with our host and some other friends.. I think Monday may have been one of my favorite days. The first thing we went to do was to go to see the market. This was a huge place, full of breads and pastries, dried fruits, huge vegetables, made me think of when the Israelites first went to Canaan. I think the three of us went to the apartment, or flat, to get warm, Jerusalem was a lot colder than what I’m used to in Georgia. That morning was also pretty wet. We walked to the old city after that. I’m guessing the place we were staying was about a mile or two from the entrance of the old city. That afternoon was the prettiest weather wise, and I loved seeing the city without a car.. Of course I wasn’t walking.. We saw Christ church.. Jerusalem seems to be full of shops, shops selling food, shops selling jewelry and art and all kinds of crafts.. We made our way down to the Western Wall. There is this huge hill you have to go down. And sadly as we were going down, we could hear the Muslim call to prayer. That is something I think I’ll always remember. And before going, I thought the Wailing wall would be this narrow space. Instead it was this huge outdoor court. People would sit in these white chairs.. And we didn’t follow this tradition, but most people do not turn their backs on the wall.. We walked back to the flat. Our hostess made us another nice dinner, and then we four ladies watched a movie.. Tuesday was the day we had the taxi, so we explored farther parts of the old city. We saw one of the places they think golgotha was. I’m embarrassed to say I wasn’t sure what we were looking at at first. But the empty tomb I did get. We also went to the garden of Gethsame. That afternoon was a quieter time. I did some work stuff.. That evening was another nice dinner and a movie. Wednesday we made one more trip to the trip to the market, and then got ready and headed to the airport. The rest of the day was spent traveling..

Thursday Mom had met another friend who was in Cyprus. We met with her that morning. And that afternoon and evening we were with our friends. Loved the time in the evening because it was a time with just the people we know really well. And it was just a time to hang out and visit. And then that Friday was another long day of traveling.

I’m back

February 18, 2017

We got back from my big trip last night. Honestly, I’m feeling pretty worn out. The time difference is about eight hours and so I’m making myself push through.. I have things I want to do, both with work and personal stuff. I think I am going to tell a little about the trip, and may write more about it another time.

The trip I knew that we were taking was to Cyprus. We were meeting some dear friends of ours who were gathering with a lot of people. We were having meetings and things.. i didn’t know a lot of the people, but found those I did get to know to be delightful.. Everyone that came together stayed in a hotel. There were things I liked and didn’t like about the hotel. But one thing I really did like about the hotel was the staff. They were wonderful.

The gathering was the first week of the trip, and I was pretty unclear about what that second week was going to look like. They surprised me with a quick trip to Israel. I was shocked.. We had about two and a half days there. We had our own personal guide who had lived in Jerusalem. Our guide even had a friend who lived there in the city. And this friend made us feel very very welcome.. We saw Jerusalem, exploring the Old City. I loved seeing the different places where Jesus walked.


Pro life

January 28, 2017

I am going to try to write something that makes sense, but I’m to the place in my weekend afternoon where I just want to get my stuff done and then not think anymore for a while.

I believe in life. I believe that life begins at conception. God blesses most of us with children and families.. I know people get pregnant in difficult circumstances. I also know that there are families that would love to take these children and welcome them into their families.

Black Lives Matter.. All lives matter. Every time I hear of another fight between police and blacks, I pray that this is the end, that somehow we can come to some kind of understanding between the parties. I don’t know how it is going to end, but pray that it does. This has been heartbreaking to so many.

And I also believe that God is the Author of life, and He is the one who decides when life should end.. It isn’t noble for someone sick or disabled to end their own life.. Taking you’re life hurts so many.


Saturday thoughts

January 14, 2017

It’s been a good, and yet full and kind of crazy, week… When it comes to my social life, most the people I do anything with on a regular basis are people from my church. Sometimes I wonder how much of that is because I work for myself from home, and how much is because I’m disabled..

Anyway, our church had some special meetings this week. We had meetings from Sunday to Wednesday each evening. The meetings were wonderful. We were inviting the Lord to come into our midst and make us more alive in Him. We were also asking Him to give us more love for Him, for one another, and for the world.

I enjoyed the meetings a good bit.. I also have two new aides coming in the evenings. One does Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the other does Tuesday and Thursday. There is always a learning curve when new aides come.

Unfortunately, I’ve also been having some wrongly with my computer battery not charging right.. But let me say right here that we’ve found ways to get it to charge. I’ve never been wihout ta device. And for that, I’m truly grateful. That about sums up my week. How about yours?