August 24, 2019

We went out to see my brother, his wife, and their two little guys. We left on Sunday and went to visit some friends who were in Tennessee. They live on a farm and have horses and donkeys and other animals. We just spent time with them.

Monday was a long day of travel.. Tuesday we were just with my sister in law and the little guys. My sister in law is expecting again, so that’s fun. They have a little farm, their chickens are just starting to lay, they have horses. My brother is working and was going to school. We were there to celebrate his graduation. Tuesday was also the day Dad flew in. I made it a point not to work while we were down there, but I still needed to do my are classes. My brother and his wife took Dad to a baseball game Wednesday night, and that was when I listened to class.

Friday was the actual graduation ceremony. I have a brother who lives in Colorado, and he came to see us. We went to dinner with some of my sister in law’s family. Graduation was not bad at all. It was mercifully short. Saturday evening was the party. My brother’s in law’s gave it, and it was fun. Saturday night was the time I felt like I got to talk to people. Sunday we went to church, and then watched movies. Monday we were around their house visiting. And Tuesday was the day we drove back, stopping at our friend’s house again.

Kendrick brother movies

August 1, 2019

One of the things I love to do in the evenings when I’m too tired to work anymore is to watch movies. I am particular about what I watch. I like watching clean movies. It makes me uncomfortable to watch movies where the people are cursing or in inappropriate relationships. I love that they are coming out with more and more Christian movies.

And being from Georgia, I’ve followed the Kendrick brothers pretty closely. I watched Flywheel in the theater. I’m pretty sure that was during the time that I could get into the movies without paying. I’ve got to tell you, that truly spoiled me. I can’t remember the last time I went to a movie theater.

Okay, I know that Flywheel was not a high quality production. I thought they did a lot better with Facing the Giants. I enjoyed that movie, even if it was about football. It was about triumphing even when a lot of things look bad.

We have Fireproof. That is a movie that teaches how important marriage is, and how important it is to stay together even when everything looks bad.

Courageous was the movie about the family who lost their daughter. Friends rallied around that family. And together they learn how important it is for men to lead their families.

Mom’s Night Out is their lighter, funnier movie. It’s about a mother who loves her family, loves being a Mom, but really wants an evening with friends.

War Room is the movie that teaches us how important it is to pray. Again we see how the Lord puts back a struggling marriage.

Their new movie comes to theaters in theaters this September. It is called, Like Arrows. And it is going to be about how important family is.

Thoughts on camp

July 27, 2019

Ending a series is hard. I don’t know what to do now. I know my family is going to do some fun things in August, and I’m looking forward to that sure. I really do feel the need to take a break from

I didn’t go to camp this summer. The camp is for families of disabled people to come together and relax and have fun. I think having my family there would be a huge distraction for me. I love spending time with my siblings. I feel like I would really be torn between my family and getting to know everyone at camp.

I have a friend who does my care, she’s done several years at camp. But this year she had to be in school, so she couldn’t be at camp.. For me, camp is a time to have some serious fun, to laugh until it hurts, to get to know others walking the path of disability, and to enjoy some time away from my family, to be more of an adult. It’s also a time to listen to others talk about their needs. I hope to be back at camp next summer, but we’ll see what happens.


Joseph #4

July 17, 2019

Joseph knew his brothers, but they did not recognize him. The bible does not say exactly how much time had passed, Joseph had gone from a boy of seventeen to a man. Besides, even though the brothers knew that Joseph had been sold to go to Egypt, they would have had no idea that he was now second in charge. They would never think that a slave could do that.

So surely they had no idea why he was giving them such a hard time to buy the food that they so desperately needed. This man called them spies. Is that how he started out treating everyone who came to him for food? Did he have everyone go to jail for a time? Did they ever think that this might have anything with what they had done so long ago? Joseph said he would send one was man back to their father, but then Joseph decided to have just one man stay and let everyone go else go home.

Poor Simeon. Jacob hadn’t allowed Benjamin to go with them the first time the brothers had gone down to Egypt. And he was not happy that this ruler of Egypt now knew of his youngest son, and had now made seeing the youngest son one of the requirements for getting more grain.. But troubles have ways of making us do things we don’t want to do.

This famine would not let up, and there was nowhere else to get food. So Jacob sent the boy with his brothers to get more food. Little did they know what they would find once they got there. They were welcomed with a meal and everyone was seated according to his according to their age.

But when they went to leave the morning after the feast, Joseph’s cup was found in their bags, actually it was found in Benjamin’s bag. The brothers did not like this at all. If they didn’t bring Benjamin home, that could well be the end of their father. They went back to Joseph’s house. And this is when they heard the news, brothers, I am Joseph even then Joseph told them not to be angry with themselves, for God had sent him to Egypt to preserve life.

How did they tell their old father that no, his beloved son Joseph was not dead, but in fact he was now ruler of all Egypt. Somehow they did tell him without killing him with the shock of it all, and they all went down to live in Egypt.

Joseph #3

July 12, 2019

Last week, we left Joseph in a bad place. His owner’s wife wanted to to sleep with him. One day she caught him alone in the house. She asked him to her bed Once more. He ran away from her, but she caught hold of clothes, and when her husband got home, she lied and said Joseph had tried to rape her.

For that, Joseph was sent to prison, although he didn’t do anything wrong. The prison guard found out what his other master had, that with Joseph in charge, he had nothing to worry about. This was because the Lord was always with the young man

Some men that worked in pharaoh’s palace came into the prison where Joseph worked, and both of these men had dreams, and Joseph was able to tell them what they meant.ut the one who had been restored to his place forgot about Joseph. However, the Lord did not forget the young man

The bible says that two full years later, Pharaoh had a couple of dreams. Through those dreams, the Lord let Joseph know that famine would follow a time of plenty, and because Joseph told them what these dreams meant, Joseph went from prison to second in command.

Did the young man remember his own dreams from long ago during this time, I wonder This famine was not only in Egypt where Joseph was, his father and brothers were in the famine too And that is where this story takes another turn.

Joseph #2

July 5, 2019

Joseph was born to Jacob and Rachel when Jacob was an older man. Rachel was the wife he had loved and worked so long to get. And since his other sons had grown up and were working the sheep, their father had more time to train this son he loved so much. It was clear that Jacob thought Joseph was to be the one that would take over the tribe.

But God kind of had a bigger plan. And He let Joseph know through some dreams he had. I’ve heard people say that Joseph should not have shared his dreams with anyone. But I wonder if Jacob remembered Joseph’s dreams after his boy supposedly died. I wonder if those dreams gave Jacob any kind of hope? And the brothers? Those dreams just made them angrier. Their father was already going to make their youngest brother their leader, wasn’t that enough for this boy?

And then came the day when their father sent Joseph to make sure the brothers were behaving. That must have driven them crazy. They couldn’t let this mess continue, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. They threw them into a dry well, and were thinking of murdering him. But then some Ishmaelites came along, and the brothers decided to make some money rather than having blood on their hands.

Once Joseph was in Egypt, things seemed to go well For Joseph. His master seemed to be kind, or to do right by him at least. And then the mistress of the house started causing problems, wanting to sleep with Joseph. Joseph was now basically in charge of the whole house. Would it be right to do something like this to his master?

Joseph #1

June 29, 2019

I think everyone knows how much I love my family. Growing up in a large family is one of my greatest blessings. But for someone I admire, having a big family wasn’t always a blessing. I’m talking about Joseph in the bible.

I don’t think we have any real idea of what it was like to have a family where a man had multiple wives. I know that divorce is all too common these days, and that’s really sad. But we don’t know what it would be like to have multiple wives vying for the affections of their one husband.

They had servants, but did Rachel and Leah themselves work, I wonder? Did Rachel help Jacob in the fields? The bible says that she helped with the sheep before her marriage, but what about after?

Joseph came to his parents after a long time of waiting for God to give them a child together. Was he told the story of his grandfather Isaac? When did his brothers start hating him? Did his father give him special favors before the colored coat? I think we are going to stop here and get back to this next week.

Grateful to the Lord

June 14, 2019

I’m always do grateful list, and always feel like I end up saying the same things. Today I think I am going to do something a little different, and talk about some things that I am grateful that the Lord has done.

  • First, I am grateful that Jesus came and died for us. God could have given up on us after the fall. And after all He did for the Israelites, all they seemed to do was listened to do was complain, follow after other gods, and not listen to His voice. I think I would have given up on them. But God had always made a promise, and kept it. I
  • am also grateful that the Lord has given us His word. I read my bible every morning because I want to know what He says. Reading this book gives us strength and encouragement no matter what we are going through. I am also glad that He has used all kinds of stories to help us. Stories seem to be the easiest things for me to remember.
  • Not only has He given us His word, He has allowed us to know some of the stories of great heroes of the faith. I’m thinking of people like the Ten Booms, Hudson Taylor, who was a great missionary in China, and George Mueller, who ran orphanages on faith and prayer.


Hannah from the bible

June 6, 2019

Last week we were talking about Corrie Ten Boom. Today I am going to talk about someone else I truly admire. I’m part of a group that meets on Sunday mornings, and the last book that we looked at together was about heaven. And one of the things we talked about was people we’d like to meet when we get there. And one of those people for me is Hannah.

I like her story. She and her husband seemed to love each other very much. But she wanted a baby badly. Years passed, the bible doesn’t say how many, sometimes I wish that it did. People say that Hannah was the first wife of her husband, and then he married the minus second wife because Hannah couldn’t have children. Hannah must have been so disappointed to learn that her husband’s second wife was going to have his baby. That must have really hurt.

The bible doesn’t say how many children the other woman had, it actually doesn’t say much about the other woman at all, except that she was unkind to Hannah… I’ve always thought that she was jealous of the love Hannah shared with her husband, but we don’t know that for sure. I wonder what the children themselves were like to Hannah. Was she like their favorite aunt, or were they mean to her like their mother?

God did give Hannah the child she wanted so badly, giving her several more besides. I would love to see a movie or read a novel to know more of her story. She fascinates me.


June 1, 2019

One of the people I have always admired is Corrie Ten Boom. Corrie’s father was a watchmaker, and they lived above the shop in Holland. We most often hear about Corrie and her beloved sister Betsy. To be honest, I’m not sure how many other siblings there were, but I think there were several.

Corrie grew up and became a watchmaker like her father. She and Betsy never married and lived with their father, their mother was sickly and died early. The Ten Booms were definitely Christians, and were active in their church, teaching Sunday School and things like that.

But then the Nazis came, and the family felt they had to get involved helping God’s chosen people. They worked in the underground, having Jews living in their home. I’m not sure how long they were allowed to do this, but they were eventually sent to concentration camps. Even there, Betsy and Corrie held bible studies and looked for ways to bless others around them.

I like their story and admire their courage.