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If you and I were having coffee…

August 6, 2016

First, I apologize for not writing more lately. I am going to explain more about where I’ve been in this post. But hopefully things are going to get quieter, more conducive to work for work.

I am not  a coffee drinker at at all. I would probably enjoy a cinnamon roll or a slice of cheesecake.

If you and I were having coffee, I would remind you that three weeks ago I was heading to camp. I was thinking that I would try to work some in the afternoons.. Well, taking time to work ended up being a joke. Camp kept everyone thoroughly busy, and when there was not something specifically to do, I was either swimming or even more likely spending time with all the new friends I was making. I think meeting new friends was probably my absolute favorite part about camp. We also had some amazing teaching which really refreshed me after a long summer personally.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that a few days after getting home from camp, my family gathered for our family get together. I love gathering with my family, loving my time with siblings and my nieces and nephews.. We were at a lake house, so we did some boating and stuff like that. But we also did a lot of visiting. I have a nephew who is about six weeks old, and everyone took turns enjoying him. And of course, whenever we get together, we always eat well.

If you and I were having coffee, I’d tell you that I really enjoyed both times. But as my family started leaving, and there were less and less for me to do, I got bored and started missing my work and being online. I’m a travel agent, my blog for that is I really enjoy my job, although I need to figure out how to get clients to work with.


October 8, 2013

So far, I love my job. Right now, my priority is finding those first clients. I’m trying to figure out stuff with social media. I guess I’m trying to spend three to four hours a day working on the business, which leaves me sometime to write and things like that.


I’m going to tell the birth story of one of my favorite people. Her name is Kailey, and she is my oldest niece. My sister had been married for several years before they started their family. And my sister was the first one among my siblings to have children, so everyone was pretty excited about this baby. Then again, we’re always excited to welcome children into our family. Anyway, dear friends of ours had their daughter get married the weekend before Kailey was born. We went to the wedding wondering if the baby would decide to come while we were there. She didn’t. She decided to wait until the doctors made her come out a few days later. My Everyone who was living at home at the time drove up. Then Dad took the three boys home a couple of days later, and Mom, my sister and I spent several days getting Kailey and her family settled. Kailey is now eight year old, loves school and art, and loves American Girls.