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One of my favorite Christmases

December 21, 2013

It is hard to believe that Christmas is this Wednesday. It is not all that cold where we are, and since my family is gathering around New Year’s instead of actual Christmas, things feel pretty normal around here.

I’ve been asking myself if I had a favorite Christmas, what would it be? And I know one of my favorites would be the Christmas of 94, which is actually the year I would graduate… My family and our friends had been asked to leave a church the summer before which is a long story which I will write out on here one day. But anyway, our little group had been told by God to align ourselves with a mature body of believers. Well, we had been asked to leave the one church in August and had been looking at different churches for a couple of months. I’ll be honest, most of the churches we were visiting seemed as dead as the one we had been asked to leave. However, we had visited one church that I really liked, it was a Covenant church like the one I had first came to the Lord. I think we visited that church on Halloween. But to my disappointment, none of the rest of our group felt like the Covenant church was where we were called to stay. But that December, the Covenant church was putting on a Christmas play. A Christmas play? This was more of a production than I had ever seen, especially as a church play. There were a lot of people in this play, the costumes were not by any means bathrobes and things like that, I’m pretty sure each costume was made for that play. There were lots of good songs and beautiful dancing. There were several different performances, and we ended up going a couple of different times.

it was around Christmas that our group decided to make the Covenant church our home. And to me the year we were there has always been kind of special… Do you think have a Christmas that stands out to you?