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Family update

March 18, 2014

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you’ve probably heard about my Grandpa being in the hospital. We left on our trip to our friend’s wedding about a week ago… Grandpa has dementia and is always somewhat irritable. But things got worse when we left on this trip of ours. Grandpa was just arguing and yelling at people even more than usual. Honestly, I was happy that we were pretty busy with friends and getting ready for the wedding. We’d leave Grandma to take care of Grandpa, and we’d go do whatever we were doing… We had something of a blowup Sunday morning. My Aunt Cindy is a nurse, and Mom is keeping her informed on anything that is going on. By Monday morning, Cindy was saying that Grandpa probably needed to go get checked out.. It turns out that he has pneumonia. He’ll be in the hospital for several days, and then we’ll see where we go from there. Pray for wisdom for us please.

The other news, the better news, is that my sister who lives out west is going to come visit for her spring break. She is going to be here for a week, and I think Mom and I are going to go with her to visit both my sister and my brother for a couple of days each. I’m really not sure how much I am going to work with my sister in town. We’ll see.

My brother John

December 10, 2013

I have not forgotten about this, my computer has just been giving me a lot of problems lately. Thankfully we did figure everything out yesterday. Well, actually I think we reformatted my hard drive. Sometimes it’s kind of nice to just start from scratch. Everything is working now, and that is the main thing to me. Now I’m just trying to catch up.

My brother John has been my computer go to guy for years, and I’m so grateful for him. I was almost nine when John was born. It had just been my sister Olivia and I before that, so having a baby brother was exciting. I’m grateful for the three brothers and two sisters that came after John. John has been one to make sure I am involved in family activities, especially when it requires a strong back. He likes to tease me just like he does the other girls of our family.

John has a beautiful wife named La Rena, a lively six year old daughter named Mckenzie, and their baby girl is Madison. Spending time with their family is always fun.

Granny and Grandaddy

November 20, 2013

Yesterday was a very long day in our car, and by the time I was settled on the computer, I found out I was too tired to do much of anything. I have gotten some good work done today, and for that I am grateful.


Speaking of being grateful, we are exactly eight days away from Thanksgiving. And somehow this time of year makes me think of family. Both my Dad’s parents died in 2008. Grandaddy had cancer for years, and we all thought we would have to help Granny through losing him. To our surprise, she got sick and died before Grandaddy did. It was crazy and sad at once.


Granny had two boys, Dad and my Uncle John. Uncle John always lived in town they grew up in. But we moved around a lot. Granny loved having us come for visits. And oh, she loved to cook and make sure everyone ate their fill. Granny and Grandaddy had a pool, and sometimes we would stay there without my parents for a week during the summer.


I think I need to go for now.