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My weekend

November 5, 2013

I’m sorry for not writing on Saturday. I was at this amazing conference and ended up not being online. I was also too busy enjoying myself to work.


I help answer e-mails with a ministry called Global Media Outreach. GMO has lots of websites about the Lord. Some websites simply present the gospel, others are on topics like marriage or disability. Anyway, people write in, and we answer the e-mails. GMO did a short video on me, and back in February I was at a luncheon where my video was presented.


This conference was put on by someone I met at the luncheon.. Anyway, the conference was held at a Rits-Carlton on a lake. The place was really nice, but I was so much more impressed by the people we met there. This was kind of a mix between missionaries and business people, and some were both.. Everyone called me the “no excuse” person. And I just felt incredibly loved the whole time.


And now I am, of course, getting back into work and everything. I have a lot of ideas of what I want to do.