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May 1, 2014

I think this coming weekend is going to be one of those weekends you’re so busy you aren’t sure you got much rest. And tomorrow I have several things to do with work.. So I am going to go on and do this.

Being disabled, I’ve always wanted to do normal types of things.. First, please know that I’m really tired, if something doesn’t come out right, I apologize.. I know I was young when I took piano lessons. I of course took theory, couldn’t actually play. I wrote a couple of songs. Think I took for a couple of years.

I’ve also taken a lot of different art classes. I use a hat with a stick to operate my computer. And I could paint and draw by taping meetings to my stick. I enjoyed doing artwork.

I’m just to get a second post written up, so I don’t need to do it over this weekend.

Camp #2

February 11, 2014

I’m not sure what to write about, so I guess I’ll write about the second year of camp. That second year I got to go to the long session, the one that all the teenagers went to. The session was a whole ten days, and I loved it. I don’t remember many details, but I know I love the group of girl that were in my cabin. I remember that everyone got along really well, which was nice because we did most everything together. We had fun counselors too. There were three counselors who did everything we campers needed. I’m pretty sure I was one of the ones that needed the most help. The other girls could feed themselves and things like that.. Disabled we may have been, but we were still teenage girls who loved to talk. I’m not sure how much any of us slept during that time.. And everyone at the camp had to take a rest each afternoon, which just turned into more time to talk.

I think we’d still do three different activities each day. But there were some special activities included in the long session. The one that I remember most was camping. I’m not sure what was so different about camping. We slept in a cabin. Maybe it was raining. The thing that was different was that our group was ourselves that evening instead of with everyone else. I love remembering times like that.

Camp #1

February 8, 2014

The weeks seem to fly with everything I have to do. I’m trying to get my business plan written, which is turning out to be a bear of a project. I think I am going to be at this for a while. I don’t need any kind of business loan, thankfully, but writing this is going to give me a very good idea of where I am going, and what needs to be done.

I love movies, have for as long as I can remember. Watching movies is something fun I can do out of my wheelchair. I’m not really sure how old I was when I first watched “The Parent Trap”, I’m guessing I was eight or nine. But that was one of my first favorite movies. And that movie made me want to get to camp. I’m not talking about going camping with my family.. I wanted to go to a summer camp for kids. like all the cool kids did. And I think it was a couple of summers after that that that I went to the Easter Seals camp for the first time. I think the first year I got in at the last minute, having been put on a waiting list. The first time I went, I think we arrived sometime Sunday afternoon and had to leave Friday morning. I think the camp was winding down for the summer, it was a smaller group. As it turned out, one of my roommates turned out to be someone I went to preschool with. Our days included three different activities. I know there were drama classes, horseback riding, and swimming which was likely my favorite. After dinner the whole camp did something together… I hated camp being over.

Summers with Cindy

January 14, 2014

It’s been a pretty long day, and I’m tired. But I would like to get this done.

Looking back, some of my favorite times were going to stay with my Aunt Cindy during the summers. Usually my sister and I would get to stay about a. And those weeks were filled with fun. We would go swimming, usually I think swimming was the activity for more than one than one day. We’d usually swim in pools,   But Cindy did live near the beach, and we would go there sometimes as well. I know I got to help decide our menu for the week. We’d do pizza and hamburgers and fun foods like that. We would also get fun desserts. Sometimes we’d go out to eat..There were also relaxing Times of reading or catching up..  And we’d also usually spend one day at an amusement park. I think that was usually our last hoorah. I always loved those times with my favorite aunt and her family.

MY salvation

January 11, 2014

Today has been kind of lazy around here. So I am going to go on and do this. been doing some biographical vignettes about my life, but I don’t remember telling the story of my salvation. I know we were living in Franklin, NC at the time. But I can’t remember if I was six or seven when I started asking a lot of questions about the Lord. I think I enjoyed learning about different things that interested me, and I’ve enjoyed reading for as long as I can remember. I remember receiving subscriptions to a magazine that was like a devotional around the time I was asking questions. I was also given the bible on tape around that time, and I would listen to that during rest times in the afternoon. I also remember having dinner with different elders at our church to ask them different questions I had. I wanted to make this important decision with some good knowledge going in. I know one question that kept coming up was on the subject of healing. I do not understand that to this day. I know Jesus seems to have healed everyone He came into contact with when He was on this earth. And I know that God does not change. I am convinced that God can heal me if He wants to. But anyway.. I was saved one afternoon when I was listening to my bible.

I think the song I sang was something like..

Into my heart

Into my heart

Come into my heart, Lord Jesus

Come in today

Come in to stay

Come into  my heart, Lord Jesus

One of my favorite Christmases

December 21, 2013

It is hard to believe that Christmas is this Wednesday. It is not all that cold where we are, and since my family is gathering around New Year’s instead of actual Christmas, things feel pretty normal around here.

I’ve been asking myself if I had a favorite Christmas, what would it be? And I know one of my favorites would be the Christmas of 94, which is actually the year I would graduate… My family and our friends had been asked to leave a church the summer before which is a long story which I will write out on here one day. But anyway, our little group had been told by God to align ourselves with a mature body of believers. Well, we had been asked to leave the one church in August and had been looking at different churches for a couple of months. I’ll be honest, most of the churches we were visiting seemed as dead as the one we had been asked to leave. However, we had visited one church that I really liked, it was a Covenant church like the one I had first came to the Lord. I think we visited that church on Halloween. But to my disappointment, none of the rest of our group felt like the Covenant church was where we were called to stay. But that December, the Covenant church was putting on a Christmas play. A Christmas play? This was more of a production than I had ever seen, especially as a church play. There were a lot of people in this play, the costumes were not by any means bathrobes and things like that, I’m pretty sure each costume was made for that play. There were lots of good songs and beautiful dancing. There were several different performances, and we ended up going a couple of different times.

it was around Christmas that our group decided to make the Covenant church our home. And to me the year we were there has always been kind of special… Do you think have a Christmas that stands out to you?

My brother John

December 10, 2013

I have not forgotten about this, my computer has just been giving me a lot of problems lately. Thankfully we did figure everything out yesterday. Well, actually I think we reformatted my hard drive. Sometimes it’s kind of nice to just start from scratch. Everything is working now, and that is the main thing to me. Now I’m just trying to catch up.

My brother John has been my computer go to guy for years, and I’m so grateful for him. I was almost nine when John was born. It had just been my sister Olivia and I before that, so having a baby brother was exciting. I’m grateful for the three brothers and two sisters that came after John. John has been one to make sure I am involved in family activities, especially when it requires a strong back. He likes to tease me just like he does the other girls of our family.

John has a beautiful wife named La Rena, a lively six year old daughter named Mckenzie, and their baby girl is Madison. Spending time with their family is always fun.

Granny and Grandaddy

November 20, 2013

Yesterday was a very long day in our car, and by the time I was settled on the computer, I found out I was too tired to do much of anything. I have gotten some good work done today, and for that I am grateful.


Speaking of being grateful, we are exactly eight days away from Thanksgiving. And somehow this time of year makes me think of family. Both my Dad’s parents died in 2008. Grandaddy had cancer for years, and we all thought we would have to help Granny through losing him. To our surprise, she got sick and died before Grandaddy did. It was crazy and sad at once.


Granny had two boys, Dad and my Uncle John. Uncle John always lived in town they grew up in. But we moved around a lot. Granny loved having us come for visits. And oh, she loved to cook and make sure everyone ate their fill. Granny and Grandaddy had a pool, and sometimes we would stay there without my parents for a week during the summer.


I think I need to go for now.

Christmas play

November 12, 2013

It has kind of been a long, but productive day. I really do enjoy my travel agency. I am mostly still setting everything up, getting things ready. And speaking of, someone may be coming to help me with computer things tonight, so I’d better get a move on.


Did you know that I once wrote our church’s Christmas play? We were in this tiny church in Tennessee. Tennessee is where we moved after Hickory. Anyway, this church may have had forty people on a good Sunday. I wrote a little play on a typewriter. It might have lasted twenty minutes. It was about a teenager whose youth group was going through something and all this one girl could do was pray. We had the man who would become our new pastor and his wife there that Sunday..


We are going somewhere this weekend. I am going to try to do another post this weekend. But we will see if that happens.

Thoughts on Halloween

October 26, 2013

My grandparents are here, and so are two of my nieces. I’ve been hanging out with them today, and not really working. I have a book to review, but haven’t finished reading it. So I’m kind of making this up as I go.


I’m not big on celebrated Halloween. My sister and I used to trick or treat when we were very young. We dressed up as fairy tale people and things like that, never anything scary.. I don’t know when my parents decided to stop celebrating Halloween, but we must have been pretty young. I remember not being able to attend a Halloween party they had at school at least once.. The best thing about Halloween is that it means the holidays are around the corner.. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always have.. This is short, I know. It’s kind of just been one of those days.