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March 7, 2014

I’ve always loved holidays.. And I love holidays where we have traditions. Christmas we were usually with grandparents.. But a lot of Easter Sundays growing up we used to spend with friends in franklin with dear friends… There was this one family we used to hang out with a lot, they lived on a mountain, and everyone we knew called their house “the big house”.

The Easters I remember most were the times we would to stay at the big house the whole Easter weekend. I don’t remember much about the Friday or Saturday before. But these were some of our best friends and it was so fun to just have time together.

Early Easter morning, we would get up and go on top of another mountain to join in our church’s sunrise service. I remember those mornings as being freezing. I usually sat in the car. But watching the sunrise was always fun. It was always so beautiful.. We’d go home to the big house for a nice breakfast. And then we’d go back to church. And to me it was special celebrating the resurrection where I became a believer… After church there was another big meal and more enjoying friends.