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What about the children?

November 6, 2008

My personal feeling is that it’s the children who lost big time Tuesday. Obama is extremely pro-choice. He’s even said he wants his daughters to have abortions should the need arise. I know women who would give anything to have a baby. To them abortion takes away the last hope they may have.

Mr. Obama is also very pro-gays, and there again, it’s the children who will suffer most. Children are the ones who are going to be adopted by homosexual couples. They’re the ones who will be taught about homosexuality, and that no one can be considered better or worse. They’re the ones who is going to be confused.

And one day, we’ll have to pay our debts. Mr. Obama wants to help everyone in this financial crisis we’re in. But how are we going to pay for this? 

Lord God, help us.